The Family Center of Hope


The Family Center of Hope provides a wide array of services to the  community and famlies; inherent in our services are Case management, individual counseling, group counseling, anger management, conflict resolution, life skills and job readiness.

LIFT  (Levels of Intensive Training, Inc. - Contractual Services)

Our trainers are pioneers of the Family Preservation Movement of Intensives Home Based Services in Louisiana.  Trained by the Nationally known Homebuilders of Tacoma Washington, our therapist engage families who are at the brink of dissolution providing them with proven practices, new skills sets, and hope to keep families together and children safe. (1988)

Parenting Matters

Provides a variety of supportive educational groups to address the needs of parents at all stages. Parenting Matters focuses on teaching skills that will last for a life time. A sub group of Parenting Matters is Dads 1st ; fathers gather to discuss the fun and challenges while parenting. (1989)

Project ReStore

Provides clients who interface with the juvenile and adult criminal justice systems opportunities to confront and address issues leading to criminal behavior. Offers a multi-phased approach to include case management, evidenced based practices and after care support services. (2008)


Our model “Passages” is a historical intervention exposing young people to a wide variety of evidence based, culturally relevant practices.(1992)  The four phases of self is discovered to include:

 I.   Knowing Self                                                                             II.  Accepting Self                                                                           III. Developing Self                                                                     IV. Giving Self       

Baby College

Provides a nurturing environment for infants 6 weeks to four years of age, where parents and children from diverse backgrounds find a solid foundation for learning, encouraging social skills, developing gross and fine motor skills, and exposing children to alternative and safe activities. (2013)


Our Staff                                                                                  Our staff of trained clinical social workers, counselors, group workers, interns and volunteers provide services to the hard to reach, high risk population.  Staff is equipped and empowered to assist children and their families from a strengths base perspective.

Internships                                                                            Provide training opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students from several Universities in the city.                           

Volunteers                                                                                 Our volunteers are treated as staff. Volunteers receive intensive training which prepares them to interact and assist program participants.   




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