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The Family Center of Hope, Inc. operates as a holistic institution of education and social services from a faith based perspective to the entire family. These services are designed to address and effect change in the areas of community violence, drug use, school dropouts, teenage parenting and other dysfunctions within families. At the core of the center’s philosophy is a deeply embedded set of values about families and the nature of how help should be extended to them.

The Community Plan: An Inoculation of Hope, Faith and Future to Reduce Rage and Black-on-Black Homicides in New Orleans

The Family Center of Hope, founded in 1992, hosted a two-day community dialogue as part of its citywide summit, “Rage in New Orleans: Black-on-Black Homicides and Police Issues," on June 28 and 29, 2012. This convening drew participation from over 400 concerned citizens, including elected, law enforcement and public officials. The second day of the summit was structured as an open community “Think Tank”. The "Think Tank" was attended by over 70 ordinary citizens, who had an extraordinary understanding of critical issues and possessed a passion for and a willingness to work toward resolutions. This plan reveals the output of their voices.

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